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Do magnetic inserts help?

Posted by Marsha on 7/09/98 at 19:21 (000951)

I was recently encouraged by an exercise physiologist to buy a pair of $60 magnetic insoles for my heel pain. Does anyone have results to share concerning 'magnetic healing' with heel pain?

Re: Do magnetic inserts help?

Cindy on 7/10/98 at 11:54 (000956)

I tried the magnetic inserts about 2 years ago - I had the kind with the bumps on one side. I put the bumps up, so that I was walking on them. Big mistake; my feet became horribly inflamed
So, I quit using them, and never really found out if they help. Just yesterday, I got a pair of magnets on 'loan' from a woman who sells them - these are just little round discs that are held in place with a special sock. I used them for 25 minutes or so, 15 of which was sitting down. While sitting, I was ok; when I tried to ambulate in them, they hurt a lot, because they are right on the tenderest part of the feet. Then, my feet were stinging more all night. So, not too sure. I think if you have mild or moderate pain, without the burning, you might do better with them. If your feet are on fire, maybe not.

Re: Do magnetic inserts help?

DianeR on 7/14/98 at 18:29 (000987)

I bought some magnetic inserts from QVC for about $25.00. They have been very comfortable and seemed to help some. I use them when I'm not wearing my Birkenstocks, which have been more helpful than anything.