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Weather related?

Posted by Shaira on 7/10/98 at 15:29 (000958)

Karl first posted this a while ago. He said it gets better when the weather warms up. I agree. Anyone else have this experience?

Re: Weather related?

Ginger on 7/10/98 at 18:43 (000961)

Now that you mention it,my feet do feel better in the warmer weather than in the winter.I am definately getting around alot better even without my orthotics

Re: Weather related?

Rhonda on 7/28/98 at 20:02 (001106)

I too notice a difference with the hot weather. I thought my feet were improving because I got rid of my orthodics but perhaps I was able to rid myself of them due to the weather. I'll let you know in the winter! Rhonda