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Having a bad foot day?

Posted by LouSue on 7/11/98 at 00:55 (000964)

I meet hundreds of new people at work (standing on my poor feet) and can honestly say that unless you have this yourself you really can't understand the depths of loneliness it brings on. Until I began talking about it and asking questions of other sufferers I too felt desperate at times. Weight may be a factor (as mine is I'm sure); but, I have talked to young/old, man/woman, thin/heavy; they all hurt too. At 46 I feel very very old; mall trips--gone, walking barefoot on the grass--gone etc...! Yet none of us must forget that we don't have cancer (a friend just died), we aren't Yet in wheelchairs (those forced to live paralized would love to feel the pain that we do!) Don't stop walking in the shoes of others just because they hurt. Smile when you can't join in and can't give them the name of a disease to excuse yourself from guilt. Working with the public teaches you that everybody has something, some real bad and some just piss you off. Try to feel lucky for something that is right in your life. I have repeated these thoughts to myself over and over for 3 long lonely years, they must be working because I'm still here nagging all of you. :)