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Need recommendations for new running shoes

Posted by Marc on 7/12/98 at 16:55 (000970)

Please recommend any running/jogging shoes for a 34-year-old who has just started suffering from PF on his right foot in the last month. I think it began when I increased my running schedule, but my old running shoes have worn out, so that may be part of the problem as well. So any recommendations will be most appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Need recommendations for new running shoes

cal on 7/13/98 at 16:39 (000978)

Make sure you get a running shoe that has a firm midsole (shank) to prevent the PF from getting over-inflamed. These shoes are advertised as having extra 'stability' .AVOID the the new modular style running shoes (if you can bend a shoe in half rather easily, that is trouble)....If you are over 200lbs, the Brooks Beast will work. another good shoe offering stability is Saucony (Stabil) and some Asics. I have the Stabil and, with proper taping, can run pain free. Ice massage/stretch, Advil afterward and roll a golf ball under your foot the next day at work to stretch and take 2 days off. This is what I have done to keep runin with the dreaded PF!..take-care!