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PF as well as Nueroma's

Posted by Terry Ferris on 7/12/98 at 20:48 (000975)

Has anone experienced the developement of Nueroma's at the same time as PF? I seem to have both, and am at wits end trying to find a cure for both at the same time. Any suggestions/response would be greatly appreciated.

Re: PF as well as Nueroma's

Barb on 7/13/98 at 21:27 (000983)

If your having a problem with Morton's Nueroma where the area just under the toes is very painful, try having someone pull on your toes like you would do your fingers. My chiropracter pulls on the toes and I have instant relief. Back in the early 80's I had a cortisone shot for this, but now I just have the chiro pull and I have relief sometimes for months. It's too hard to do to yourself, but my husband can do it by sitting in front of me and gently 'snapping' the toes. Good luck.