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Personal experience with overcoming heel spurs

Posted by Carol on 7/13/98 at 07:59 (000976)

I suffered on and off for several years with heel spurs. I tried a lot of different things including Cortison shots (although never did surgery) with varying success. I noticed that wearing 1/2-1' inch heels seemed to alleviate the pain. It was only after I broke my ankle and had incredible pain for 'too long a time' in healing that I realized that my inflamed heel spur was probably the real source of the pain. I requested the therapist to use a 'Tens' (sp?) unit for 'deep radiating heat' on my heels. I think I probably had about 10 treatments over a 3-week period. That was 2 years ago. The pain went away completely and never returned, except on a momentary basis (a matter of hours) after long excursions at such places as Disneyland. For my personal experience the Tens unit provided the most dramatic and successful result.