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Going to see a Rheumatologist

Posted by Doug Padian on 7/14/98 at 17:57 (000986)

My Podiatrist seems befuddled by my conditions. I don't have the classic conditions of pain focussed in my heel. My pain is more diffuse, focused more in the arch. He administered Cortizone shots to me and they did nothing. He was perplexed by that since Cortizone seems to work at least a little in almost all of his patients. He is referring me to a Rheumatologist to see if there is something else going on. I am 26 years old so it seems unlikely I have arthritis or something, but has anyone been? Has anyone had success seeing a Rheumatologist?

Re: Going to see a Rheumatologist

John M on 7/14/98 at 20:10 (000988)

Doug I think I have the same thing that you have, I seen a Rheumatologist he was very good with the questions and attempting to help but no help. The first question he will ask you is if you have other joint or muscle pain. He sent me to have a nerve conduction test. Nothing turn up
Also had PF surgery without it helping.
Next step is to see a specilist that is thinking it is compartment syndrome, this is a long shot but I'm out of options. Anything that I should try that worked for you.

John M

Re: Going to see a Rheumatologist

Merlyn on 7/14/98 at 21:23 (000989)

My suggestion is to save your money. I also have pain in the arch area as well as the heel. I suggest you start on glucosamine..I think it helps a little. It definately takes 2 weeks or longer before you see any relief. My PF ruptured from the heel and that is why I have diffuse pain...tonight is a killer night..time for the frozen water jug to roll over the arch. I do know that we all grab at straws to find an answer to our misery. The rheumatologist will not help...I spent $140.00 FOR AN OFFICE CALL LAST WEEK AND HE TOLD ME TO TAKE 2 EXTENDED RELIEF TYELENOL IN ADDITIONS TO 8 MOTRIN A DAY1

Re: Going to see a Rheumatologist

Cindy on 7/15/98 at 15:15 (000992)

Yes, I was sent to a rheumatologist about a year ago - they did a very thorough work-up and many blood tests, and said they could not find a systemic reason for the pain. (I have it all over the feet, too, not just the heels, and esp. in the arches). I think its worth going just to rule that out; you can have a rheumatology problem even if you are young - rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of many young people.

Re: Going to see a Rheumatologist

Cindy on 7/15/98 at 15:17 (000993)

JOHN M: What is a compartment problem? This is one thing I haven't had mentioned to me, and maybe I need to pursue it?? Thanks for the info.

Re: Going to see a Rheumatologist

jill on 7/16/98 at 13:09 (001003)

I went to an arthritis specialist while visiting my brother. I've had PF for about 18 months but always have questioned the diagnosis. He said I had hallux rigidus ( osteoarthritis in my big toe joint) and in the joint on the top of my foot causing essentially flattening of my foot and that I needed a full orthotic with metatarsal support. Oddly I had gone to a third orthotics maker who essentially said the same thing and had made me a soft orthotic full lenght a few weeks earlier, and oddly enough I have been doing much better in the last 6 weeks. I have also been getting weekly accupuncture, taking glucosamine, and a low dose of an SSRI. Out of my about a dozen practitioners these are the only two that really looked at my feet. My orthopedic says its hogwash, but i'm hoping and doing better, so there.