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Trip to Birkenstock store

Posted by Diane F. on 7/15/98 at 12:29 (000991)

Well I am now a proud owner of a pair of birkensock shoes, I bought the Bodega and they feel great! I need to break them in but what a relief :). I had tried all the store around me and found nothing, inserts or shoe that I could even try on without pain. The people there were great and took the time to find the perfect shoes for me.They also told me I had the wrong width in my arizona, I had brought them to see as I was starting to have a problem with them and the store I bought them told me nothing was wrong.. to say the least after a heated discussion with that store they gave me my money back , and went to another store to get the right size and am now happy or should say my feet are happy. The only problem with this store is I have to drive about 2hrs to get there as I am in Mass and they are in Conn. but it was worth the ride, better good shoes then a wheelchair. I am now ready for any jobs that come my way and do not have to be in fear of the pain like before... only now have to find the darn job so I can pay off these shoes :). Oh a short note... the shoes seem to run a size smaller , so sandal size might not be shoe size, better to ask.
Have a nice day :)

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Cindy on 7/15/98 at 15:19 (000994)

I, too, got a pair of Arizona's last weekend. I end up with terrible burning on bottoms of feet after about an hour in them. I guess I'll just keep trying to break them in. But, why does EVERYTHING have to hurt so much?????

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Sandy on 7/15/98 at 16:58 (000995)

I bought my Arizona's about three weeks ago and felt the same burning as you but it does go away.

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Diane F. on 7/15/98 at 21:03 (001000)

I sometimes get that, but find massaging them with lotion helps them. I think the sandal dries out the skin abit and so you get the burning feel. Make sure you massage them with the lotion everynight before bed and they will feel better in time as your feets get a little tougher. Try cooling them off also by soaking them in cool water, will feel nice if they are burning alot, but as we know it takes awhile to break them in sigh... wish life was a little easier sometime.

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Sue on 7/16/98 at 11:01 (001001)

I am also in Mass. I bought my Arizonas through the L.L. Bean catalog, but would prefer to go to a store.

Would you please post the name and address of the store in Connecticut that you drove to?



Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

eileen on 7/16/98 at 18:22 (001008)

I am also live in Ma. and have had good luck with the selection of birks in Filenes dept store, esp. the one in South Shore Plaza in Braintree. They have a good selection of sandles, the salespeople just bring them out and did not have an opinion on fit or size but the selection was pretty good, and prices average. Another place is a little shoe store in Norwood, Ma. called Mortts on Rt. one on the auto Mile. The also have Mephisto and other brands that seemed to be often recommended . There supposed to be discounted slightly also. Where in conn did you find your birk, was it a birk only store. There is also the walking co. in south shore plaza and another shoe store specializing in walking shoes also with a fairly good selection. Eileen

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Diane F. on 7/16/98 at 19:59 (001014)

The store is:
The Birkenstock Store at Pedorthic Services
3 North Second Avenue
Telephone is a toll free at 1-800-247-5748
Web site is:

They are great to talk to, and will give you direction on how to get there, they also have other shoes there but have every shoe and sandal in the catalog there to try on :). They also repair and sell by mail , so a trip there to try on and later buy when it is convenient for you. They also have online sale specials and you can receive a catalog from them free. They are open mon-fri 8:30am to 4:45pm and closed on sat and sun. You park right in front of store lots of parking there, and it is a neat little store with people who take the time to help you and listen to your needs, a great change from most shoe store today.
Hope this helps you :).

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Marsha on 7/18/98 at 23:13 (001027)

I have been afraid to try Birkenstocks just because they look so HARD and RIGID! I think my feet feel better in very soft, cushy soles. I thought the only shoes I could wear were Nike AirMax, but I recently purchased a pair of TEVA clogs that have been very comfortable. I am at a loss about what to do with my feet! I have had cortisone shots, tried magnetic inserts, have custom orthodics, and still have so much pain that I am now taking pain medication just to get through the next three weeks and a five day trip to New York. Do Birkenstocks feel good even though they are so rigid?

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Diane F. on 7/19/98 at 21:19 (001032)

It is kind of hard to explain, they look hard but don't feel hard..they are suppose to mold to feet over time. They have some give in them and they feel better as time goes by. Have tried some of the hard inserts and even soft ones and they hurt my feet big time! With the birkenstock sandals they kind of support and feel real strange at first but I have noted a very large improvement with my feet. Have bought a pair of shoes too and now feel I can at least work on my feet for a little while without mega pain. I would say to try them and see how they are , they might not be the answer for everyone but at least they could maybe be helpful.

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

julia on 8/02/98 at 09:50 (001180)

I just went to the Walking Co store to just try on a pair of Birks because I also was very skeptical. But the second I put them on I had immediate relief! I loved them. I dind't buy them though, thinking I might be able to get them a little less expensive. Since I left the store, all I can think about was how wonderful they felt. Even if you don;t buy them, just go try them on!

Re: Trip to Birkenstock store

Martha on 8/03/98 at 17:37 (001201)

I've worn Birkies on and off for years. I got the burning sensation only when I was back east in that horrible heat there and was walking a lot. Also, it may help to tighten the higher strap a bit. When I got my first pair in the 70's they said you should be able to put your finger in between the strap and your foot, but I've been more comfortable with it a little tighter.