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Lateral Column Pain???

Posted by Lucy on 7/15/98 at 20:47 (000999)

I was wondering if anyone out there has had an experience with lateral column pain after surgery? If so, what does it feel like, where is the pain located and how soon after surgery does it occur? I had EPF about 4 months ago and have had pain in just about every part of my foot during recovery. This pain I have on the outside edge of my foot is the latest. My surgeon is a real jerk when it comws to expalining anything that might relate to a complication...might prove that he really isn't God . If I sound bitter, I am. I only had one source of pain before surgery. Now I have at least 4 and becoming really frustated. Thanks.

Re: Lateral Column Pain???

Cindy on 7/16/98 at 13:52 (001004)

Hi, I feel so bad about your situation. From what I know (which isn't much!), lateral column pain occurs on the TOP of the foot, toward the outside, between the little toe and the ankle bone. So, I don't know if that's what you have or not. I would really suggest that you see a different dr. than your surgeon - he sounds awful.

I had the EPF 6 months ago, and various parts of my foot still hurt, too; but, I have a nerve entrapment problem also, so I blame all my pain on that. I hope you can find a dr. to help you. (I have been told that cortisone injections are used for lateral column pain).