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Any experience with "flatfoot"inserts? good?bad?indifferent?

Posted by Gina on 7/16/98 at 16:20 (001007)

Was surfing and ended up at the flatfoot.com site. Anybody ever use the flatfoot inserts and what was your experience with them? Talked to a company rep on the phone who said you could tell within a week or 2 of wearing them whether they would help you and they do have a one month return policy. Any help appreciated!

Re: Any experience with "flatfoot"inserts? good?bad?indifferent?

Annette on 7/16/98 at 19:18 (001011)

I ordered a pair. They did not help me but I am sure they could help some people. I have flat feet from fallen arches and thought they might help. the inside of the ball of the foot area is higher than the outside. This really limits what shoes they could be worn in. The shoe would have to be one with a wide and deep toe box. As long as they have a money back guarantee, why not try them.

Re: Any experience with "flatfoot"inserts? good?bad?indifferent?

Shaira on 7/17/98 at 10:36 (001017)

I wear them and like them. I like them better than the Spenco arch supports that I used to wear. I don't have flat feet, but I like the fact that they are in the whole shoe, rather than just 1/2 like the Spenco's.

Re: Any experience with "flatfoot"inserts? good?bad?indifferent?

cynthia page on 7/24/98 at 11:42 (001061)

Yes, the one I got a few years ago were hard plastic and expensive,
try the Dr.Schols 'DynaStep' first. The fixed my knee, hip and back
pain in only 4 hours although they don't look impressive they are--it
is worth $11 to try them first.