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I'm almost convinced that EPF was successful!

Posted by Melissa on 7/17/98 at 18:05 (001020)


I just thought I would share a positive EPF experience with everybody. My surgery was 7/6, last Monday. I was non-weightbearing until I saw the podiatrist this Monday, 7/13. I'm supposed to be partially weightbearing now, except that my foot has progressed so well that I'm not using the crutches anymore. I no longer have pain in the spot that bothered me the most with PF. My soreness is more toward the very back of my heel rather than near the top of the arch. Even that's not too bad. I get the stitches out this Monday, 7/20. I think the soreness will go away quickly once those come out. I'm being very careful not to overdo my activities, so I'm keeping away from the hazards of swimming and mall walking. I think with adequate rest my foot will be ready for teacher pre-planning which starts August 4. I'm starting to be glad I had this surgery. I can't believe how good my foot feels less than two weeks after surgery.

I know this is not the right option for everyone, and it is a last resort. I wrote this for the benefit of those who might be having this surgery. Some of you were very kind and encouraging when I decided to have EPF, and I thank you for that. Anyone who has any questions or wants more details can feel free to e-mail me.