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Hopelessness and frustration with PF and spurs

Posted by Jeanne on 7/18/98 at 22:34 (001026)

It's very difficult to explain to someone, what having this affliction is like. At first it is like any other medical condition that you have abundant hope in fixing it, and moving on. I had a vacation planned to Disneyworld that I had to cancel, but figured I would reschedule when I was better, but it hasn't happened.
I've been on crutches and in a wheel chair now for over 10 months. I know that there are plenty of people worse off than me, but there is that element of feeling sorry for yourself when this PF goes on and on and on.... I want a life back...
I went to an orthotics man, got some custom made from a form of my feet. Went to Physio 3 times a week for Ultrasound, TENS and taping. Tried DayPro, Arthrotec... and finally had cortisone shots directly injected into the affected areas. It recurred to the acute phase before getting all better. Multiple spurs were discovered.
After 10 months of heading for that light at the end of the tunnel, being plunged back into the darkness was tremendously disheartening. Oh well... we shall overcome... won't we????
How about you? Similar thoughts? I sense the same feeling in some of the postings...

Re: Hopelessness and frustration with PF and spurs

DaNita on 7/19/98 at 19:47 (001031)


I know what you are going through

You name it I think they have tried it on me. I also have had 2 heel spur surgeries the last they removed the whole spur, with no relief. I am at the point where I can't even make it throught the supermarket in one trip.I can only stand for about 15 minutes at a time (and thats pushing it) before I have to sit. I have fought these feet for so long, I don't know if there is a light at the end of tunnel. Good Luck with yours.

Re: Hopelessness and frustration with PF and spurs

roz on 7/20/98 at 14:11 (001033)

Hi Jeanne,

I am pretty much in the same boat as you, permanently on crutches
and have had this for three years. If you are married or in a
relationship, please be thankful. I am a 37 year old single woman
and no one wants to even wants to date a disabled woman. I also
live alone and cannot clean my own house or do my own grocery shopping.

I have tried so many things in the past three years, all to
no avail, no relief at all. It feels horrible to know that your
life is over AND that to know that you're alone. I don't know
what else to say but hopefully, you have a loving, caring husband.
That would be enough for me.


Re: Hopelessness and frustration with PF and spurs

Cindy on 7/20/98 at 14:17 (001034)

Well, I am also in the same boat - going on 3 years now, with no end in sight. I can stand up for about 10 minutes at a time on a good day, then rest, and maybe do it a couple of more times. I really miss my old life, and I am still grieving for the losses I've had. It does help to have a wonderful spouse, but the other side of that coin is that I feel that I am ruining his life too (we can't do any of the fun things we love - he doesn't want to go without me - and I feel really guilty). I keep trying to find the 'lesson' in all of this - why is this happening? What can I learn from it? Well, I have learned that being handicapped in our society is the pits - when I go out in the wheelchair, I might as well be invisible to most people. Cars actually try to make it across the cross walk before I slow them down! All we can do is hang in there, I guess! Best of luck to all of you.