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Posted by Denise on 7/22/98 at 15:37 (001047)

Just diagnosed with PF 2 days ago. Doctor prescribed Cataflam. Has anyone used this?

Re: Cataflam

Cindy on 7/22/98 at 16:42 (001048)

Yes, I took it for over a year. It was the NSAID that helped me the most, after trying ibuprophen and then Day-Pro. They're really all the same, but it takes some trial and error to find the one that suits you best. Be careful to watch for stomach pain or nausea - you can get bleeding ulcers without much prior notice from long-term NSAID use. I have been on for over 2.5 years with no problem, tho.

Re: Cataflam

Denise on 7/23/98 at 07:47 (001055)

Thanks for the encouragement. I have noticed some relieve after just 4 pills. I do get an upset stomach and dizziness with it but at least my feet feel better:)

Re: Cataflam

Cindy Burdue on 7/23/98 at 11:57 (001056)

Hi again. Be sure to take the pills with food or milk to protect your stomach. The dizziness, I'm not sure why you have that - it should go away soon. Glad its already helping, tho.

Re: Cataflam

Nancy on 8/03/98 at 21:01 (001204)

I recently tried Cataflam and it has helped me more with the pain than anthing else I have tried so far. I have tried just about everything else in the anti-inflammatory family. The cataflam did cause my stomach to churn a little initially, but I eventually got used to it