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Other Helpful Alternatives

Posted by Karl on 7/22/98 at 20:24 (001051)

An alternative medicine book I read discusses the use of caffine as causing PF (as well as other injuring) to trigger the pain. Unfortunately, I love coffee. I noticed that my PF would ache a few hours after drinking coffee. The book also recommends drinking distilled water. I don't remember the Author of the book, but I believe it said Alternative medicine on it. It had a white cover and was larger than most other books. You'll likely find it in a health store. I've seen it at Good Food Company and Med Max in the Detroit Metro area. Other Alternatives may be helpful. Good luck.

Re: Other Helpful Alternatives

Shaira on 7/27/98 at 16:05 (001074)

Karl, I agree. I do not drink coffee, but I drink coca cola sometimes and i can tell that there's something wierd. My ex-boyfriend says that the stuff in coke eats your bones...maybe it is the caffeine. At any rate we should stay away from all that caffeinated stuff because it probably does eat one's bones..if there are any scientists or nutritionists on here maybe they can describe why we shouldn't be having that stuff.