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a cheaper and very effective insert....

Posted by Sherri on 7/25/98 at 23:51 (001064)

A cheaper and effective insert is by Spenco-- it si a 3/4 insert with hard arch, and soft padding on top. IT fits easily into mosrt shoes, has support for arch, is moldable if you need to adjust it, and costs about $20.

I alternate with this and my birks. I find that the variation of the shoe helps a great deal, that swapping half way through the day is a good move for my feet.

This spenco insert has an actualy orthopedic logo on teh front of it, in blue and white letters. The package is in greens and yellows, as most of them are. IT is harder to find than the otehr inserts- I found one in a yuppie camping supply store.

Re: a cheaper and very effective insert....

Diane F. on 7/26/98 at 15:24 (001066)

Will look into it.. but have found most 3/4 inserts including some birks are painful for me.. but when I get the money it is worth buying and trying in some of my shoes or boots. Thanks :)

Re: a cheaper and very effective insert....

Bob on 7/27/98 at 18:22 (001082)

Thanks for the info!

Are you talking about the arch support or the othodic made by Spenco?

Thanks again

Re: a cheaper and very effective insert....

Andrea on 8/10/98 at 21:23 (001269)

The Spenco 3/4 hard arch inserts are available at Walmart for less than $15.00!

They may look aggressive but have provided the support I needed to offer much relief for my Plantar Fasciitis.