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Posted by Rita on 7/27/98 at 08:27 (001068)

Just got home from a weekend of canoeing, and walked around barefot almost all weekend, with absolutely NO PAIN
I even forgot my glucosamine/chondroitin at home and didn't take any. I feel great. I ache from paddling but my feet feel good. There is hope

Re: Cured??

scott @ heelspurs . com on 7/27/98 at 17:37 (001076)

I and many others have experienced this. In a week or two you could be back to where you started, or worse. This is what has been referred to as the relentless 'cyclic' nature of PF. I recommend you increase activity VERY slowly.

Re: Cured??

Shaira on 7/28/98 at 10:49 (001089)

Hi, I agree with Scott. Some days, no pain, and you feel GREAT and HAPPY, then it comes back. But hey, those moments are great, and I am grateful for them.