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PF-I need help !

Posted by Cyndi on 7/27/98 at 20:12 (001083)

Can anyone help? I'm a sixteen year-old dancer who has been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I've tried everything-arch supports, physical therapy, Relafen, stretching, rest....Nothing's working. I just want to dance again. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to have surgery because it would decrease my chances of being able to dance. HELP


Re: PF-I need help !

Debra on 7/27/98 at 21:41 (001084)

16? Wow! If there is any advise I can give you it would be to keep reading the message board. You are bound to learn something new.

Stretching, and taping has help me with temporar relief. All of our circumstances are different, but we all have the same thought...relief however possible.

Hang in there. Keep reading the site for advise. By the way, do not send C.Simmons $6.50 for his 'cure.' He has no business sharing a site with us PF folks. The message board is free!

Keep your head up.

Re: PF-I need help !

Cindy on 7/28/98 at 12:33 (001092)

I can empathize with you - I have had to give up hiking, skiing, power-walking, etc., etc. The best advice I can give you is to take this condition seriously, and stop all aggravating activity until you are fully healed. This might take several months - but, I know of people who were active, who gave their feet the 1-2 months rest, with icing and stretching, etc., and were fully recovered and went back to their activities. So, have some patience and your body will cooperate, I think! Good luck.