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Podiatrist vs Orthopedic

Posted by Kathy on 7/28/98 at 09:01 (001087)

I have had PF in my rt foot for 2 years, lt foot < 6 months. Last week I saw an Orthopedic surgeon for the first time. Been through the NSAIDs, PT, Orthotics +1year, and not sure what else to do. Ortho gave me a cortisone shot in my rt foot and a splint to wear at night. Said to come back for the other foot if it was working. Not sure how long to wait to see if the relief is temporary or permanent. Also, curious whether an Orthopedic surgeon is the best physician to see or should I be requesting to see a Podiatrist. I am not as bad as most seem to be on this list, but the ongoing pain is wearing. I feel like this is my last shot at being pain free. If this doesn't work, I will settle for what I have and be glad it is not worse. Any advice on Ortho vs Podiatry would be appreciated.

Re: Podiatrist vs Orthopedic

Kathy on 7/28/98 at 12:08 (001090)

Like you, I first saw a podiatrist. He took a very conseravtive approach in trying to heal my PF and it was going nowhere. I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon, who is a foot & ankle specialist (appareatnly there are not too many of them in the country and I am fortunate that there is one in my area!). He also gave me a cortisone shot and a night brace. The shot helped for a while, but the pain is back. The brace really helps with start-up pain in the morning. I've been told that if I opt for surgery that it is usually a beter idea to go with the ortho. I found it funny that the ortho told me that what the podiatrist suggested I do wasn't the most effective treatment! Good luck!