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Its Been a year now

Posted by Suzy on 7/28/98 at 09:45 (001088)

I have been with this problem for a year now and feel that i am worse at this point than I was in the begining. In January of this year I had surgery. I felt at that time i was getting better, Int he last couple of months I have started getting alot of pain in the anckle area and throbing in the heel. I have the kind of PF that is very painfull in the arch, To touch this is horrible,I have tried everything under the sun for help and find that some days are better than others for no reason at all. The depression that can follow you in this is horible and you have to be careful not to let it eat you up becouse it can. I am a 34 year old female that has lost her retail management job becouse of this and has 3 children. It remeinds me of Fibormialgia something that people I dont think really understand. Its hard when others around you want to get out and do things and you cant becouse you know of the pain of doing it. I beleive that you have to take the days that are good and make the best of them,
E-mail me if you like i always love talking to people with the same day in day out problem... :)

Re: Its Been a year now

lilhurrica on 7/28/98 at 17:19 (001101)

the part of your post i relate to the most is the experience of not knowing what or why some days are better or worse than others ie a feeling of lack of control

Re: Its Been a year now

Maha on 7/28/98 at 20:50 (001109)

Can I add that one of the most frustrating parts is idiots at work who say 'oh, come on...how can there NOT be a cure for that?...you just haven't seen the right doctor.' HA! I wish!