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I prefer podiatrist for insurance reasons.

Posted by Melissa on 7/28/98 at 12:57 (001095)

I'm sure opinions vary based on who has had the best luck with what kind of doctor.

For insurance reasons, podiatrists are much easier. Florida law allows you to see one without a referral. The whole city of Orlando has only one orthopedic doctor specializing in feet and ankles, and it's almost impossible to get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. I would have had to get a referral and then wait six weeks to see this specialist, so I went to a podiatrist.

As for what Kathy said about surgery, I disagree. I think you can have a good surgery experience no matter what kind of doctor does the surgery, as long as it's an orthopedic doctor or a D.P.M. When I had my EPF, I had the podiatrist and anesthesiologist (an M.D.) in the operating room. I felt safe and felt that if any complications came up, I would be in good hands. My surgery went very smoothly.

As long as you have a doctor you trust, I think it really doesn't matter what kind of doctor you go to.

To find out more about the kind of training podiatrists receive, go to the following web site:


Good luck no matter what kind of doctor you choose!