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Can cycling exascerbate the problem? If so , what about cycling shoes?

Posted by Rhonda on 7/28/98 at 13:10 (001096)

I've had PF for 2 1/2 years now and I use my bicycle to get around. I started to suspect that cycling could actually make the PF symptoms worse. Does anybody know if cycling is in fact bad for PF? Recently I purchased a pair of cycling shoes. After cycling any great distance I notice an increase in pain but not under the heel and arch rather on the sides of the heel and in the foot joints. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Rhonda

Re: Can cycling exascerbate the problem? If so , what about cycling shoes?

elizabeth on 7/29/98 at 11:22 (001127)

I'm a triathlete who has been suffering from PF for 1.5 yrs now. I acutally think cycling might have been partly responsible for my original flare up. I use cycling shoes and when I purchased my first pair, I was told they are supposed to be a relatively snug fit. This spring I noticed that on longer rides (4hrs+) my big toe nail would begin to hurt. I decided to try bigger shoes and within 1 week my PF went away. Unfortunately, it's come back since but not to the level that it was at before. I would try bigger shoes...it was kind of a last resort for me but I think it has helped. I think biking shoes tend to cramp your feet...thus not allowing your PF to stretch out...plus you get a good calf workout in which could lead to tight calves/achilles...thus leading to losts of PF problems. Good luck.