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Re: Why I Like Cycling

Posted by Shaira on 7/28/98 at 13:27 (001097)

Personally I like cycling. I use my bike for all my transportation. I usually never walk anywhere. I don't have a problem with cycling at all. In fact, sometimes I use the pedals to stretch out my calves and achilles tendon, while I am biking. Can't walk anywhere but sure can bike everywhere. When I first got pf I was just glad I had a bike because I couldn't even put my feet on the ground and I needed to take care of myself (i.e., go grocery shopping, etc.). I would recommend it for people who are able to get a bike. (Or try one out at a bike shop). Also, I have modified my handle bars, I actually SIT on my bike, I have the real old 'type' of bars. I would recommend those rather than the new straight across bars. And a cushy seat. If anyone has any bike questions they can e-mail me. I've been using a bike for transportation for 20 years.