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Glad to meet another cycling enthusiast!

Posted by Rhonda on 7/28/98 at 17:05 (001100)

Hi Shiara,
good to know that cycling doesn't exacerbate your plantar fasciitis.
I've used cycling as my exclusive mode of transportation throughout my life as well and have done many long cycling tours. I'm like you...when I got PF I wasn't able to put my feet down at all and could get to the grocery store on my bike (but not go in!). I am now able to get into the store for a brief amount of time. The reason I asked if pedaling could exacerbate the problem is because a marathon runner told me that cycling was the worst thing for his plantar fasciitis. Personally I think my bike is my only source of freedom!
Thanks for the imput. Do you use cycling shoes?

Re: Glad to meet another cycling enthusiast!

Cindy on 7/28/98 at 17:44 (001104)

I don't use a bike for transportation, so I'm not in your league on that, but I did use a stationary bike for exercise (to replace the power walking I couldn't do anymore) - I didn't use any resistance cuz I knew that would be a problem, so I was basically just spinning the wheels, and it led directly to a HUGE flare-up of my condition, that 15 months later is not much better. This may be very unusual - my case has been pretty wierd and severe all along, and I may have a nerve entrapment problem, which might be what caused my problem, not the PF and biking. But, I would be really careful and if you feel your feet getting any worse at all, stop the biking for a while. I ignored my worsening feet, and am paying the price now. But, when I rode only 3 days a week, there was no problem - it was when I started doing it 45 minutes 6 days a week (I always have to over-do a good thing) that the trouble began! Good luck & happy pedaling!