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PF Magnetic insoles

Posted by Carol on 7/28/98 at 20:08 (001108)

would appreciate input from any one wit PF who has tried magnetic insoles. Thank you.

Re: PF Magnetic insoles

Cindy on 7/29/98 at 19:21 (001139)

I tried them too - with the bumpy sides up, and boy! I could only wear them about an hour, and my feet were more inflamed for about 3 days. So, I would try Rhonda's suggestion - I never thought of wearing them in bed without putting weight on the. I now have two small round magnets that go on the sore spots, with a special sock to keep them in place. I got them free to try out, but I can't tolerate them on my feet. Too much pressure pushing on me. But, I can see how convenient and easy these would be if I could use them. I say try it, and if it doesn't make you worse, then use them and see if they help. Good luck.