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Heel Spurs

Posted by Sharon on 7/28/98 at 21:48 (001115)

I have been suffering w/ heel pain for 5 months now. It started in Feb 98' when me and a friend started walking 4 miles a day 3 days a week. I noticed the foot pain right away. (I just assumed my body had to adjust to the walk) but the pain got worse and I quit walking 3 weeks later. The pain is VERY bad in the morning. Both heels hurt but the left heel more than the right heel. I went to my family doctor and they gave me a pair of inserts for my shoes but they don't work. So I went to a foot doctor and he said it was heel spurs (He didn't do x-rays or nothing) he said, 'lose some weight and do exercises that don't require me to stand up on my feet'. I can't afford expensive shoes and gaggets. What can I do? Should I have the surgery? I'm in serious pain. My husband is in the military and now in Saudi for 4 months and I don't have no one to turn to for support! Thank you! Sharon Godwin :)