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Birkenstocks Which kind??

Posted by carol on 7/29/98 at 07:50 (001124)

Hi everyone,

I've read that a lot of you have found that Birks have helped you and since I've never owned a pair but want to get them now(for the pain).
Which type would you recommend and can we get them here in Canada?? Many thanks from a fellow sufferer :-))

Re: Birkenstocks Which kind??

Tony Grady on 8/10/98 at 15:42 (001257)

Hi Carol,
Just to let you know, we are a Canadian Retailer of Birkenstocks. Arizona we sell for $79. We are located in Peterborough, Ontario. We have a website set up at http://www.shoetree.com . If you care to order, our 800 # is posted there.
Tony Grady