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DYNO Splint

Posted by Debra on 7/29/98 at 10:55 (001126)

I got mine yesterday, too. It's called a DYNO Splint. I took it on and off several times last night because I was experiencing a burning sensation. It was uncomfortable. At 4 AM I put it on, got up at 5:30 for work, and I was painfree. I could actually walk to the bathroom without grapping onto anything in my path to hold myself up. YEY
! It's Noon now, and no pain, but a dull burning sensation. I see the Splint Man at Physical Therepy on Monday, and will ask him if these are normal 'feelings.' My thought is my foot is stretching way too much. I don't know, but I'm feeling pretty good right now. We shall see how the rest of the day goes. After work will be the test, because that is when I usually feel the worse pain. However, I am sure I will need to work on wearing the splint through the night, and staying with it until I can honestly say I am PAIN FREE.

Good luck with your splint.

Re: DYNO Splint

Meri Anne on 7/30/98 at 12:07 (001147)

I just got a splint from the doctor. I have not been able to wear it through the night as I usually get pain in my ankle. It does seem to help however. I thought maybe I was just putting it on too tight around my ankle. good luck

Meri anne