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Pain specialists and a drill

Posted by DaNita on 7/29/98 at 14:50 (001131)

Hi, Well today I got to see the pain specialist. Not a very rewarding trip. His view on my heel problems is to drill a hole in my back so that a needle can be inserted to send radio wavs to the nerve that runs to my heel, that will deaden the nerve to a degree to hopefully to lessen my pain. there is no guarentee it will work and side effects are many, I could be left with no feeling in my leg if they do to much, I could be left with a burning sensation down my leg that feels like a sunburn, these would be life long side effects. He also mention putting me on nerve meds and antidepressants what the heck would they do, make me not care if my feet hurt. He said it wouldn't help cause my problem is mechancial with my feet and that weight has no effect on my problem either. So I guess this was my last chance for some relief, looks like I will have to live with the pain and hope and pray it goes away. The alternatives are not to attractive.

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

annette on 7/29/98 at 19:00 (001133)

antidepressants can have some effect with pain relief. I have tried them and got a little relief and they do help with mood. You take a very reduced dose for pain relief, not nearly as much as for depression. They might be worth trying. I talked by phone with a shoe store owner in Canada that helps people with foot pain. I told him a lot of my foot pain was caused by a mechanical problem but that I had no luck with orthotics or inserts. Also that the Birkenstock sandals that help other people are absolute torture for me. He suggested I try an orthopedic shoe company and see if they could make me something, either a shoe or an insert. I had to drive 110 miles to the closest one (one of the joys of living in a very rural area). I also had to be referred by a doctor. My local physician referred me.
they are going to try and make me an insert. This is is my absolute
last alternative. If they help it will be a miracle. I will post later and tell everyone the results. If they help they may be one more alternative for PF and foot pain sufferes to try besides a podiatrist or orthopedic doctor.

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

Cindy on 7/29/98 at 19:03 (001134)

Boy, am I ever disappointed to hear your story, DaNita! I was planning to go to a pain clinic as a last resort. The radiofrequency procedure he told you about is described at: http://www.ivanhoe.com/docs/backissues/zapawaypain.html

I found this by putting 'radiofrequency' into Yahoo - there's other information about this procedure besides the page cited above. I know he made it sound awful, but maybe you could do a little research on the net to decide if its something to try. I tell you, I will do it if I don't get relief some other way. Life is not worth living in all this pain, to me. I am sorry to hear that your experience was so dreadful. I hope that you can find some relief somewhere (and all the rest of us, too).

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

Cindy on 7/29/98 at 19:10 (001136)

Annette: I am very interested in your orthopedic shoes - did the Dr. write a prescription, or just tell them to make something they feel will help? I don't know any dr. who would know what to prescribe! I would be willing to come to whereever this place is, anywhere in the world, if you get relief from this. Please, please keep us informed if this helps you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

Oh, I agree re: the drugs - the antidepressant can help with chronic pain (not that much, really, but at least since I started taking it, I'm no longer having suicidal thoughts). I'm taking 50 mg of Elavil at bedtime, and I don't notice any side effects at all (been on it 3 weeks). I'm also taking neurontin, 300 mg 3 times daily - this one is a little worse - makes me a little dizzy, and very forgetful, and my vision is slightly blurry - sounds great, huh? But, it has dramatically reduced the intense burning in my feet. So, I am willing to do it. You can research all these drugs on the net by putting the name into Yahoo under the Health section. I'll look forward to hearing about your results

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

Annette on 7/30/98 at 13:59 (001148)

My local doctor just referred me using the diagnosis I gave him of metatarsalgia. I also have PF, fallen arches etc. etc. etc. It didn't matter what the diagnosis was, I just had to have a doctor's referral to go to the company. I just looked in the phone book under orthopedic shoes and called the #. This company also makes artificial arms and legs and prothesis etc. I think there are a # of them all over the country. Check the phone book of any major town near you. the town I went to in Eau Claire, Wis. is only 60,000. It is the Winkley Orthopedic Co. They took a deep foam inpression of my feet and were not sure whether they were going to try and make me an insert or shoes. they had to analyze the impressions first and I go back in two weeks. Inserts are $250 and shoes $1200.
I take 25 mg of Elavil at night instead of the 50 you take. It does help a little with pain and this is the only med I am still on. I sleep REAL GOOD with these. All the NSAIDS did was burn out my stomach and not help a bit with pain. The dosage of Elavil for depression is about 600 mg, so you must be on a pain reduction dose also. Elavil or some other anti-depressant is worth a try for pain relief. I will post later and see how my adventure goes with the orthopedic shoe company. One of the few reasons I could even do it is becasue I have VERY good insurance. I have spents hundreds out of my pwn pocket looking for relief the las t several years.

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

Cindy on 7/30/98 at 20:54 (001156)

Thanks for the good info. - I'll see if I can find one here (near Seattle) - we probably have several in the area. The price is high, but I will pay any amount for relief - my ins. won't pay a penny for inserts or shoes. But, they have paid plenty for this condition, so I won't complain. They pd. for 2 MRI's, a bone scan, and 8 or 9 doctors, an EPF surgery, etc. So, I have also spent lots of $$ on orthotics, and other gadgets, and acupuncture, and massage, etc. Probably thousands, but I don't want to add it up! Hope these help you - please let us know down the road!

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

Marie on 8/01/98 at 02:07 (001170)

DaNita, I have to agree with Rhonda, go for the foot surgery before letting someone drill a hole in your back and mess with the nerves. GEEZ that sounds so much more extreme than the foot surgery.

Re: Pain specialists and a drill

paul on 8/07/98 at 19:32 (001233)

Hi I had it done didn,t help with foot problem at all but I have had no side effects, don,t know about the drill part??? they inserted something long into my back but it certainly did,t seem like a drill of anykind