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help running shoes or walking shoes

Posted by lynne on 7/31/98 at 06:32 (001157)

advice needed on which sneakers are best

Re: help running shoes or walking shoes

Kathy on 7/31/98 at 08:58 (001158)

I think that either would be fine, but be careful with the heels. I've been told to find a sneaker were the heel is elevated, and even though running sneakers may appear to have an elevated heel, they do not. The exterior rubber sole at the heel can be deceiving. I wear running sneaks and have two sneaker inserts in my sneaks, along with heel cups - and it helps!

Re: help running shoes or walking shoes

eileen on 7/31/98 at 09:16 (001159)

hi, The most comfortable and supportive athletic shoe I have found is the reebock dmx. My orthopedic md and dr. who made my orthotics both said they were great due to the firm support around the heel and arch area. You need to find an athletic shoes that hold your foot in one position and does not bend at the arch area. I was told either walking ,running did not matter as long as it is supportive to you foot. Comfort is the most important to those poor achy heels. I have had 3 pairs of reebock dmxs with good luck. Make sure you also replace them frequently so there is no wear on them so it does throw you foot into a strange position and cause more pain. the last thing any of us need. Good luck. eileen

Re: help running shoes or walking shoes

Marie on 7/31/98 at 14:04 (001161)

I bought a pair of hush puppies walking shoes, they have printed on the outside- the body shoe, i put my spenco 3/4 lenght hard insert in them, my feet have felt much better walking in these. good luck finding the right combination for yourself.

Re: help running shoes or walking shoes

Terri Di Donato on 8/21/98 at 21:53 (001423)

I have found New Balance 876 to be good to use with orthodics. The shoe is deep and the orthodic fits in. The shoes are being phased out now but a new model is coming. ($59.00 now. Was $80.00)