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Ups & Downs With Glucosamine - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Posted by Lisa on 7/31/98 at 19:48 (001166)

Hi, all. Around the third week of June, I started searching for glucosamine in pharmacy and health stores in my area. I was stunned by the prices and shopped around until I found what I thought were reasonable pricing. I began to give glucosamine (glucosamine sulfate) a try. Happily, I found that the great heel pain I'd long experienced seemed to dissipate some and best of all, I was able to walk without wincing. When I recently began to run out of my supply, I went to purchase some more and found that the pharmacy no longer carried that brand and instead I purchased something called glucosamine complex (glucosamine HCI, alfalfa, vitamin C, zinc, manganese and copper). After a wonderful week at the beach with little or no pain (with and without taped foot), I switched to the new glucosamine complex and began having pain again. Now a week later and still in pain, I'm wondering if it has something to do with the differences in glucosamine.

Yesterday, I went to a local Costco warehouse club where I got some Glucosamine Joint Builder (glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine sulfate, N-acetylglucosamine) and I'm giving it a try. Figuring that at least this product has glucosamine sulfate, it might work.

Any thoughts from the more seasoned PFer who uses glucosamine successfully?

In advance, thanks for your thoughts.

Re: Ups & Downs With Glucosamine - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Annette on 8/01/98 at 10:57 (001173)

I have read and been told that glucosamine sulfate is the much better choice over glucosamine HCL. The sulfate is supposed to be better absorbed by the body. If I were you I would try and stick with the sulfate, even though it may be more expensive.

Re: Ups & Downs With Glucosamine - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Rita on 8/01/98 at 12:25 (001175)

Try glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates. I purchase mine at the Vitamin Shoppe, and have had excellent results. I've been taking it for about 4months, no side effects at all, except heel pain is almost gone. I attribute that to better shoes, stretching, and all my supplements including glucosamine & chondroitin. It takes a lot of time to heal. I began having problems about 2 years ago and it has just gotten better this summer. I have begun to resume my exercise program and am back to walking the dog for a mile or 2 a day. I'll let you know when school begins if it is really cured.

Re: Ups & Downs With Glucosamine - What Am I Doing Wrong?

lilhurrica on 8/02/98 at 19:13 (001185)

am still amazed at how many teachers are here..please everyone keep sharing..i have been on the glucosamine sulfate 1000 two times a day for 25 days..i really feel like i am turning a little corner..i didnt get the chondroitin ,but am considering it..i bought at the gnc and paid a bundlde.but am convinced that without regulation..you may just get what you pay for.. i plan to stay on this dose for 4 months and then decrease to a smaller dosage. i am icing with frozen soda BOTTLES..STOPPED STRETCHING TO THE POINt of pain ( i felt i was re-injuring when it burns..i lift beans with my toes use a night splint sometimes change shoes twice a day and try not to go barefoot..sloooooowwwwwww improvement..dread going back to work. I love this sight and thank everyone.

Re: Ups & Downs With Glucosamine - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Rita on 8/03/98 at 07:03 (001191)

I take a lot of vitamins, and have always found, that it is much better to stick with a reputable company. The Vitamin Shop is a chain of stores across the country. Costco sells Schiffs products and that is a very good company. I even have my husband taking the glucosamine chondroitin supplements for an old wrist injury that has begun bothering him. My chiropracter recommended the glucosamine and chondroitin combination.