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Thanks everybody for your support. My surgeon is in Orlando, FL.

Posted by Melissa on 7/31/98 at 22:04 (001167)


I can't believe how supportive everyone has been as I've struggled with PF over these past few months. It's really been helpful knowing that there are fellow sufferers out there and people willing to share helpful information.

My surgeon is David Moats, D.P.M. with Orlando Foot and Ankle Clinic. It's a long way to travel, but you can always visit Disney World then have your surgery :-)!

If anybody lives close enough to Orlando and is thinking about seeing Dr. Moats, the phone # is (407) 423-1234. It's worth traveling a little out of your way to see this podiatrist. I was asleep and felt nothing during my surgery. This doctor also is very compassionate and supportive. Do NOT allow Orlando Foot and Ankle to schedule you with anyone else but Dr. Moats. I was tortured on the operating table during ankle surgery for 45 minutes last year by another podiatrist who is with Orlando Foot and Ankle (was awake, moaning, and wiggling in pain through the whole operation -- did not receive enough sedation and far too little anesthetic). I won't say his name because I don't want to get sued for slander.