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OUCH! Can Anyone Advise As To The Proper Stretches?

Posted by Alyx McNeal on 8/01/98 at 00:48 (001169)

I have been diagnosed with PF (right foot)and am anguished. Quit smoking 5 months ago and 15 pound weight gain is not helping. REALLY want to use treadmill and need stretching instructions from people who have this miserable affliction. After reading posts is obvious that surgery is NOT advisable. Please help with appropriate stretching instructions...podiatrist out of town for a week, and besides, he doesn't have this thing.

Re: OUCH! Can Anyone Advise As To The Proper Stretches?

Debra on 8/01/98 at 07:59 (001172)

I use a long towel or even a wide belt would work. I place the towel on the ball of my foot and pull my foot towards me. I know I am stretching good when I begin to feel my calf pull or I feel a burning sensation. I hold it for the count of 20, relax, then do it again. I do several reps. but I find doing as many as I can really helps.

Icing helps too. Get some birks. I did and they have really made a difference. They are stiff, but everyday as I break them in they feel better and better.

I have had PF for 2-3 years. It's hard for me to really remember when I was 'struck' with this because I ignored the pain for a very long time thinking it was going to get better. WRONG, it never did. It got worse. It has been a long process. I just got a night splint which seems to be really working. It's a splint that keeps your foot stretched, and when I take it off in the morning, I can actually walk to the bathroom without grabbing onto anything or hobbling. It has only been three nights now, but I have noticed some relief. The pain does come back usually around late morning, but it's dull, and doesn't compare to what I was feeling before.

This thing is no fun. It consumes you if you let it. It did me, but I decided to faithfully do what I am suppose to, and hopefully this thing will go away. Stretching, some exercises my physical therepist gave me, icing, and the night splint have all been helping me. I don't do anti-inflamatories, as I tried them, and I never got any relief. I have already had too many cortisone shots, and my doctor advises against anymore for now. I want to hold off on surgery as an absolute last resort, so I am praying I will get better.

I hope some of this information helps. You may want to read the message board for more ideas. There is a lot of good stuff on this board.

Good luck, and hang in there. You are not alone. Only the ones' of us who have PF truly know what kind of pain one is in.