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Laser surgery for heel spurs

Posted by carol walker on 8/02/98 at 08:58 (001178)

does anyone know about lasar surgery for heel spurs , I'm new to all of this, and what is the surgicial procedure, everyone talks about on this site. Thanks,,carol

Re: Laser surgery for heel spurs

Cindy on 8/03/98 at 10:29 (001194)

THis web page has a link to Dr. Stephen Barrett, DPM, in Houston, (in case you can't find it, the address is http://www.footspecialist.com) . Dr. Barrett pioneered the EPF; he also invented the cannula that is used, and he's trained 2,000 drs. to do the procedure all over the world. He performed my EPF last Jan. - I highly recommend him if you can get to Houston (I live in Seattle, flew down for 2 days, flew home same day as surgery - had local doc. follow-up and remove stitches, then Dr. Barrett followed me by phone for 2 months). He's very nice, attentive, believes what you say, doesn't think its in your head, etc. Check out his web page. And, good luck.