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using wheelchair for total rest

Posted by Janet on 8/02/98 at 11:06 (001182)

Three podiatrists and two Orthopedic surgeons haven't been able to help me. I've tried all the non-invasive treatments. None of my docs will give me shots. My pain is atypical for PF-mostly in the arch area, and not severe in the morning but terrible as the day wears on. Next week I'm scheduled to see a physiatrist (rehab specailist). I think he's going to run an EMG on me. My sumptoms started 4 years ago after two heavy days of running. I have always thought that I tore something (tendon?). At any rate, last week the pain finally got the best of me and I decided to give total rest a try. I'm in a wheelchair. Good news is that the inflamation has gone way down and the pain has decreased too, although it's still there. Has anyone else tried total rest? If so, please share your experience.

Re: using wheelchair for total rest

Cindy on 8/03/98 at 19:30 (001203)

Sounds like a tarsal tunnel problem to me - that's where I have pain (well, one of the many places, but a primary site), and they say I probably have a trapped nerve in there. The EMG and nerve conduction studies are usually done to rule out tarsal tunnel syndrome. But, it may not show anything, and several of my many drs. have said that that doesn't mean you don't have an entrapped nerve. This is very hard to treat; if and when I find the right treatment, I will let you know. I've had 4 cortisone shots in the left foot, and 5 in the right. All in different places, allegedly to cure the 'new' problem each new dr. I went to found. The last was aimed at the posterior tibial nerve (under the ankle bone and down where you have your pain). The shot didn't hurt, cuz the DPM was great and numbed the entire foot (12 hours worth - that was heaven); but it didn't make any difference in the pain after the numbness wore off. So, I don't really think these shots are worth a darn. I wish you luck - you are on a long, trying trip.