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Which part of your arch?

Posted by Rhonda on 8/02/98 at 21:59 (001187)

I've had PF for 2 1/2 years. For the first 9 months I could barely put my feet down (that was the closest I've come to total rest...no wheelchair). I'm wondering exactly what part of your arch was sore? My PF was mainly on the inside side of the arch where the arch meets the heel but for the last several months it has moved onto the heel toward the outside edge. Do you have PF in both feet? Rhonda

Re: Which part of your arch?

Janet on 8/03/98 at 07:47 (001192)

Hi Rhonda--yes, I have PF in both feet (if that's the correct diagnosis). My pain has always been right where your's was--where heel meets arch at inside of heel. I also have a touch of metatarsalgia (sp?) which is slowly getting better. That pain is under the metatarsal/phalange joints. This is my sixth day in the wheelchair and I've noticed that although the pain is is not quite so bad it seems to be deeper--between the bones and the PF. I have always contended that I pulled or tore a muscle/tendon in there, but the docs blow me off. I'm also giving the wheelchair a try because my ankles and knees are starting to hurt because my gait has changed to compensate for the PF pain.
It doesn't sound like you have the typical PF pain either. What treatments have you had? Any shots? Are you satisfied that your diagnosis is accurate?
PS. I'm incredibly grateful for this website. Thanks for your note--hope you're feeling better.

Re: Which part of your arch?

Rhonda on 8/03/98 at 13:13 (001195)

thanks for the note! I've had all the conservative treatments and I've also had a cortizone shot in each foot. The shots hurt terribly but didn't work. My feet feel a lot better in that arch spot since I got rid of my orthodics. I've had both soft and hard orthodics and now just use those $20.oo polypropaline inserts with a tuli cup on top. Since doing this I no longer have that severe pain in that arch spot. It used to be so bad (for 2 yrs) that I couldn't even touch it lightly!). But now I can press it firmly without pain. However, I can't stay on my feet long because it hurts too much. Yes, I did have a diagnosis of PF which I've always suspected as being incorrect. I also developed severe tendonitis in my right arm and scapula area at the same time that my feet flared up. The Rheumatologist suspects an arthritis of sorts. My doctor says that the foot surgery may not be good for people with general inflammation and that it could cause further inflammation and scarring. Anyway, hang in there! I'll keep you up on any other developments. Rhonda