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Endoscopic Plantar Facsiotomy

Posted by Rhonda on 8/02/98 at 22:09 (001188)

Welcome to the site! The surgery most people are talking about on this site is known as an Endoscopic Plantar Facsiotomy. This is a last resort for people with PF. The Podiatrist makes two small incisions on either side of the heel to gain access to the facsia which he cuts (releases). This method has a faster healing time, but other methods allow more investigative viewing and precision cutting. My brother had his PF operation done by an Orthopedic surgeon instead. In this method the surgeon made a 2 inch incision and then cut the facsia. It took about 2 months or more to heal but it did work for him. He still has heel discomfort but not nearly to the same extent. Both methods have their pros and cons...the important thing is to get someone who does this kind of surgery regularily. For more info on EPF enter Endoscopic Plantar Facsiotomy into either Yahoo or Excite engine and I'm sure you'll find out a lot more about it. Best of luck. Rhonda