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chrondroitin Sulfate study update

Posted by eileen on 8/07/98 at 08:00 (001229)

Hi all, Just attended a health care conference on alternative medicine in the u.s.. Very interesting. They discussed studies conducted on various substance including chrondroitin sulfate: the manufactures claim to help relieve arthritic pain by increasing cartilage in the joints is true, although the study shows only when the Chrondroitin is injected directly into the joint affected. In tablet form the Chrondroitin is not absorbed by the body. So they said dont waist you money, wont hurt but not effective either,
Glucosomine Sulfate does help arthritic pain but is metabolized in the liver, studies showed it was more effective than a placebo, but as effective as ibuprofen , but with fewer side effects, the dosages in the studies were 500mg three time a day for the glucosamine, and helps relieve arthritic pain by improving the structure of the articular cartilage. the dose of the ibuprofen in the test was 400mg three times a day. So this is an expensive but safe mild pain reliever.
The also mentioned evening primrose oil which also may relieve arthritic pain and relieve inflamed painfull joints ass. with rheumatoid arthritis, the dosages between 1.4-2.8 gram gla per day. I do not know if this would be effective with fascitis . Has anyone tried this?
The meeting was conducted by a phd in nutrition and health and lectures all over the countries, she had researched and had studies to back up her info. So I do believe her. Hope this help, eileen