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Re: Evening Primrose Oil?

Posted by Shaira on 8/07/98 at 18:31 (001231)

Are we supposed to take Evening Primrose Oil orally or just rub it on?

Re: Evening Primrose Oil?

eileen on 8/08/98 at 10:38 (001239)

sorry , I honestly dont know if this is a salve or taken internally, I geuss a health food store would know more, The information I recieved said it may but not definitely relieve inflamed, painfull joints ass with rheumatoid arthritis, I do not know how this would affect someone with fascitis. I am not telling people to use this at all. My information says that the body make this substance from linoleic acid which is found in fish, nuts and oils.

Re: Evening Primrose Oil?

Cindy on 8/09/98 at 18:27 (001249)

Its comes in capsules for internal use. Its an essential fatty acid, which we could get from food, but I guess the average American isn't eating enough of the right stuff - its pretty cheap, and I have taken it for years (before PF) - its totally harmless, so you might as well give it a go! Its good for your whole body!