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Does Anyone Know About DHEA?

Posted by Shaira on 8/07/98 at 18:45 (001232)

It's supposed to help for joints, but it is controversial. Some people say it stays in your kidneys, isn't healthy, etc. Another book says that's hogwash, it's fine..etc. I know it's a hormone, so are any sufferers trying it? If they are is it working?

Re: Does Anyone Know About DHEA?

Rita on 8/08/98 at 10:06 (001237)

I have a bottle in the closet. Last year I began to take it, but my school nurse gave me a book to read on it, I wasn't happy with all the side effects. It also has not been tested enough to suit me. It is supposed to cause facial hair, increase your sex drive, and men should beware of prostate problems. There were more side effects, but I cannot remember them all. Research it before you start to take it!

Re: Does Anyone Know About DHEA?

eileen on 8/08/98 at 10:32 (001238)

the recent health care conference I went to discussed DHEA, it claims to convert in the body to testosterone and estrogen, and improve mood, energy and libido, conteract stress hormones, accelerate fat losses and preserve muscle mass and strengthen immune system,
the side effects and potential risks is that the amount of estrogen and testosterone that the body makes from dhea varies with people, side effects include acne, hair grow, low energy, irritability, insomnia, headache, menstral irregularity, increased ocular pressure, tachycardia, increased heart rate and palpitations, untested in long term clinical trials,
also the over the counter strength and purity is not regulated.
definitely not for me.

Re: Does Anyone Know About DHEA?

Cindy on 8/09/98 at 18:21 (001247)

I have taken DHEA off & on for several years - BUT, don't use it unless you have your level checked (a blood sample to a lab) - the naturopathic physician I see had my level checked, and it was low (as most 45 year old's will be) so he prescribed a very low dose. This is a hormone and you should take it under a Dr's care. By the way, I had PF the whole time I was taking it and never noticed any help from it. I never heard of using it for inflammation or pain. Not sure. But, please check with a dr. who is knowledgeable re: it before trying it.