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do not have to be custom made

Posted by Melissa on 8/07/98 at 20:27 (001234)

Night splints do not have to be custom made. All it is is a hard plastic 'shell' with soft material covering it (thick, padded sweatshirt material on the outside, and thick, padded terry cloth on the inside).When I went to the prosthetics and orthotics 'store,' all they had to do was make sure the splint fit my foot, like trying on a shoe. The prosthetics and orthotics person also taught me how to wear it, how tight to make it, and how to use the foam wedge that came with it. For insurance purposes, you may want to get a prescription for it since it costs around $100. Because I had a prescription and got it pre-approved, the cost for mine was covered 100%.

Good luck!