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Has anyone had the steroid injections in the heel?

Posted by Angela on 8/07/98 at 20:52 (001235)

My question is: How bad do they hurt? I found out yesterday I have to have one next week and I'm petrified. Also, will I be able to walk and put my shoe back on (and go back to work) immediately after?

My other question is: Do they work? The doc said it will take anywhere from 1 to 5 injections, but normally 1 is enough.

Re: Has anyone had the steroid injections in the heel?

Lou on 8/08/98 at 04:41 (001236)

My podiatrist says you can have up to 3 injections. I'm not sure of the time frame. I was given one. First they treat your heel with a cold spray. You will hardly feel the injection so don't worry. You will be able to walk on it right away. I must say it didn't do anything at all for me. I never followed up with anymore injections. Good Luck!

Re: Has anyone had the steroid injections in the heel?

Carol on 8/08/98 at 15:24 (001242)

YES SIR, they hurt like hell especially if your foot is inflammed. I didn't feel they did me any good

Re: Has anyone had the steroid injections in the heel?

Debra on 8/10/98 at 20:06 (001265)

I have had a total of 6 from September '97 to March '98. The first two didn't do a thing. I was at that time being treated by my Primary Care Physician. I finally went to a podiatrist. The first shot he gave me felt totally different from the first two. I could actually feel the stuff going right to the pain. It really hurt. He did use the numb spray before the shot. I don't know if the numb spray made a difference because it hurt bad, I could feel myself getting hot from holding my breath. Anyway, after about three days I was absolutely pain free. I was in heaven. I though my pod. had performed a miracle. I even went to Universal and Epcott over a long weekend. NO PAIN at all. Even after all that walking. Again, I was in heaven. After about three and a half weeks, I felt it coming back. Dull at first, then back to pull strength pain. I saw my doctor again, and the second shot was given. It hurt, but not like the first time he did it. I felt he missed the spot. After about a week and a half, I got another one. Same thing. No relief at all. I am done with shots for a while. I'd do 'em again if it weren't so dangerous. Too many cortisones can cause more damage. My doctor used an example of a baseball player getting cortisone shots in the ankle for ankle pain, and after so many the a-keelies (sp?) tendon broke. That was a good enough example for me.

Since the last shot, I have gone to phyical therepy for a month. I got great foot massages, and some ultra sound. All temporary relief. After about two weeks in therephy, a splint guy showed up at my therepy. He had this contraption called a Dyna Splint. He fit me, and told me to wear it all night. Well, the first night my foot felt like it was falling asleep in this thing, however, I was determined, so I took it on and off several times during the night. Before I got out of bed, I had it on for about an hour. Guess what? When I took my first step, I could walk pain free. No hobbling and grabbing on to nearby walls or holding in the screams. It was great. I still have not made it thought the night, but I have concluded that the Dyna Splint is also a temporary 'fix.' This thing costs about $1,500 out right. I am renting it, and my insurance is paying the $230 monthly rent. My PT showed me a splint that will do the same thing for $48.00. I'll probably buy it, because I don't know how long my insurance will allow me to continue renting the Dyna Splint.

Needless to say, I am still hurting. Birks work ok. I wear those around the house, as I can no longer be the barefoot queen. Whenever I start hurting real bad I put the splint on, wear it for about 10 minutes, and I am feeling pretty good. Again, it's only temporary relief because the pain does come back.

I am at my wits end. I live in Florida and there is so much to do here. Usually around this time of the year I am in Orlando with my husband and kids using the free tickets I get to Sea World, Disney, and Universal. For the last couple of years, I have not been able to use all my tickets, and the thought of going to Orlando sends immediate pain to my heel. Wierd, huh?

This is not fun stuff
! My doctor, who is a surgeon, does not recommend the surgery, however, I believe it is time for me to see a new podiatrist.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope the shots help you. Keep an open mind. The shots do not work for everyone. This is just the beginning, and there is a ton of stuff your doctor will suggest before you go the surgery route. I am not anxious to go under the knife, but nothing else has worked, and I am looking for some kind of relief. Heck, there's even a chance the surgery does not work, and could leave you in more pain. Again, good luck! I apologize this is so long, but I thought I'd share everything I have been through to give you an idea that the best advise I can give you or anyone, is to keep an open mind.

Re: Has anyone had the steroid injections in the heel?

galend on 8/13/98 at 20:07 (001301)

I found the injection to be horrific, and then had a couple hours of relief. Thereafter, my foot was more stiff and even my leg ached for nearly 10 days! I declined another shot, but other people have had great success, so give it a try if you are so inclined. Good Luck!