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Birkenstock Retailer and Repair Shop

Posted by Tony Grady on 8/10/98 at 15:50 (001258)

I just wanted to let everyone know we are a Canadian retailer of Birkenstock Sandals and Insoles. We sell Arizona for $79, Milano for $89 and Florida for $89 as well.

We also retail the Tradition Birkenstock Insole which we have had excellent results with in treating PF. We have a website set up at http://www.shoetree.com where we describe the problem and how the insoles help. If anyone has any questions, feel free to call me; I've worked with problems of the feet for over 10 years and PF is very common. Our # is 1 800 881 6686 and you can ask for me personally.

We are also an Authorized Birkenstock Repair Shop. If your sandals are worn on the corners of the heels, need full soles or replacement cork we can repair them to their original condition.

Tony Grady

Re: Birkenstock Retailer and Repair Shop

julia on 8/10/98 at 19:49 (001264)

I tried a pair of Birks on and absolutely loved them, but my doctor said no sandals... why is he saying this. I do admit that tie shoes (sneakers) help when my pain is there, however the birks felt wonderful on my feet, any suggestions...