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heel fat pads worn out ve PF

Posted by Janet Lee on 8/10/98 at 17:40 (001259)

Does anyone have any information about this idea: LOOSE heels allow feet to move sidewise in a way that 'wears out' the fat pad in the heel that cushions the planar tendon's insertion point. When the fat pad is depleted, severe heel pain results. CURE?? Wear a cushioned heel cup that holds the foot firmly preventing lateral shifting, and the fat pad will regrow over 3-12 months time and the pain will go away. A physical therapist at my HMO explained this theory to me about a year ago and the cure seems to be working.

One correspondent in the questbook mentioned foot fat pads but thought that they could not regrow. Apparently some fat pads in the feet do not the ones cushioning the heel can and do regrow.

Re: heel fat pads worn out ve PF

roz on 8/10/98 at 18:16 (001260)

Ny fat pad deteriorated from cortisone shots. From the 20-30
doctors I've been to, ALL of them said that once your fat pad
is gone, there is no way that it can regenerate.

Re: heel fat pads worn out ve PF

Rhonda on 8/10/98 at 18:27 (001261)

I'm not sure if the fat pad can grow back on the heel but I do know that using a tuli cup on top of my spenco pads certainly helps.

Re: heel fat pads worn out ve PF

Annette on 8/11/98 at 13:18 (001280)

Fat pads DO NOT regrow. Mine are gone on my heels and metatarsal area. It causes me LOTS of pain!