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Hiking trails with Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Andrea on 8/10/98 at 23:32 (001275)

With a two week hiking vacation coming up soon, I am apprehensive about my ability to tromp on the trails with my condition. (I will not be carrying a pack.)

Has anyone had experience with hiking boots, inserts, taping, etc. to manage the pain?

I read about people who continue to run (some for very long distances) with Plantar Fasciitis and am completely amazed. I haven't dared to run or do any serious walking for the past seven months since this condition dramatically worsened.

I religiously ice my foot, wear my Spenco 3/4 hard inserts, strech, and take piroxicam (Feldene) and am feeling pretty good; but the thought of the increased activity has me concerned. I was hoping to be cured by Fall but I can see this is likely to be a long battle. I simply need to get through vacation time and would appreciate any advice.

Thanks for the best information I've found on Plantar Fasciitis on the web, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Re: Hiking trails with Plantar Fasciitis

Tony Grady on 8/11/98 at 16:29 (001281)

Hi Andrea,
It sounds like you have a pretty good combination....as long as your spenco insert is high enough in the arch you should have no problem walking and hiking. My suggestion to check is put your insert on the floor then put your barefoot on it. Make sure it is hugging up under your arch when you are not weight bearing...if it is then you should be fine....if it's not you should add some more arch support so that the plantar fascia doesn't get strained.

Make sure you do your warm up stretches in the morning before you weight bear too! You want to warm up before you thrust the weight of the body on your feet.

Good Luck!
Tony Grady

Re: Hiking trails - Question for Tony

Lisa Chakan on 8/11/98 at 18:49 (001284)

Hi, Tony! I really appreciate your know-how and commitment to getting us all walking pain-free. In your posting to Andrea, you suggested a Birkenstock insert and made suggested she place her bare foot atop the Birk insert without bearing weight. You asked her to make sure the insert was hugging her arch.

My question, Tony is this: what do I do when my arch is so high that even the arch on my Birk sandals don't quite reach my natural arch? I'm thinking that my best bet is to get a pair of your inserts, but I'm concerned about the arch not being high enough for my arch. Any recommendations?


Re: Hiking trails - Answer for Lisa

Tony Grady on 8/12/98 at 14:13 (001290)

Hi Lisa,

Do you wear an insert now for your shoes? And do your Birkenstock Sandals give you relief?
If they do, then the Arch Supports I retail will work very well for you. If your arches are very high, extra support can be added to your sandals and arch supports if need be. There are different ways to add support - in your sandals they're called arch cookies that can be glued on top of the cork footbed and with the inserts, we can add more support to the bottom.

If you're interested in talking to me feel free to call on our 800 line..I'l do my best to answer your questions!

Tony Grady

Re: Hiking trails with Plantar Fasciitis

shari on 8/18/98 at 19:50 (001360)

I have been suffering for 4 years now. I think the worst is that
when I started going to the doctors, there was not that much info
Basically no one could tell me what was the matter - well I figured
it out - got inserts. I found that the best I felt was when I was
practicing YOGA, but my ankle has been acting funning & so I have
taken a break. However, walking I find to be REALLY helpful. And
all those doctors that kept saying - take a break - well it only
made matters worse, so I take my exorcise in my own stride. I wish
this would just go away - I grew up dancing & can no longer do that -
so I am now taking violin lessons to fill a void. In the beginning I
thought this was some weird phsyco thing & that my brain was teasing me into THINKING that I was in pain. But the wierd thing is that when I do take a good few days to rest, completely away from my stresses, the pain almost dissapears - and then of course I return
to my daily activities & agenda...
Write back! This is so amazing to me - because for years I have been
alone. Altough, a few friends of mine a starting to feel the beginnings & I tell them to stretch, walk & not walk around without shoes

See you.