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Birks are good...rubber platforms better!

Posted by Kristina Maiwaldt on 8/11/98 at 12:53 (001278)

I've always worn birkenstocks, prior to PF. I have had pain for almost 2 years....getting better but not gone. Lately, I've been wearing 'aerosoles' available at dept. stores and aerosole stores. I've been looking fashionable too! Platforms are back and I've found platformed aerosole type shoes (all rubber) provide a lot of padding and i think the platform heel relieves some heel pressure. I've been switching between 3 pair...and putting them on for the painful trek into the shower in the a.m. Maybe it will help you too.

Re: Birks are good...rubber platforms better!

Rita on 8/12/98 at 09:40 (001289)

Aerosoles are the shoes I was wearing when I began to have heel problems. Whenever I try to wear my Aerosoles, my feet feel worse. I think its because they are too flexible, with not enough support or arch. But whatever works for you. Good luck.