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Help needed to decide what to do.

Posted by Lora Tope on 8/13/98 at 12:15 (001297)

I have had surgery on both feet(10/21/97) and only the right foot has improved. It is not 100% better but about 50 to 75% better. My left foot is, however no better now that before the surgery. I had the simple surgery on my right foot with the small incision's and with my left foot they had to make a 2 1/2 Inch cut on the inside of the foot. I have undergone many tests and shots before and after surgery and casts 3-d Walker Boots and I have been tested for RLS, which I don't have. I have just had my left foot retested to see if the nerve was reintrapped and there was no responce at all. The doctor couldn't get the nerve to react al all. Of an evening and sometimes duing the day I get electrical shocks in my left foot, along with what is sometimes intolerable pain. Before and now after surgery I have trouble making it through a grocery store without pain. I only shop now once every 2 weeks because I don't want to have all that pain. My life has changed dramitacally, I no longer work now, or go places I would like to go because of this problem. I used to clean a church and a local business and now I can no longer do it for I cannot be on my feet that long. One doctor said something about and exploratory type surgery to find out what is going on with that nerve, I am not sure I want to go through this again. If you read this and have any ideas please e-mail me, Lora Toppe