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Everyone's condition is different

Posted by Rhonda on 8/13/98 at 19:09 (001299)

Hi, I know what you mean when you say that you are afraid to give up your orthotics...I was very much afraid to for 2 years. My first pair were your standard hard orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist. My feet were that bad that I couldn't bare to even stand on them...the orthodics were too hard. So for two years I wore some soft foam orthodic inserts which were made by a fellow (not a podiatrist) who runs a shop for foot comfort in my home city. My feet could tolerate them and grew to be quite dependent on them over the two years. But one day I noticed a different part of my heel hurting and could no longer tolerate these inserts so I went without them completely. This sudden switch did result in pain in my cuboid joint...which my podiatrist said was to be expected with a sudden switch. He then gave me some $20.00 spenco inserts and I added a tuli cup on top...It was then that my feet finally started to feel some relief from the relentless pain. But, I should add, my girlfriend who has PF finds the hard ones to be much more helpful than the foam inserts. I think everyone has to experiment to find what's best for them. Best of luck!