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Posted by Kathy on 8/14/98 at 07:48 (001305)

Yes, you did answer my question. I guess I am at a point where I am re-evaluating what I have done and questioning some of the paths I have taken. I feel as though I have found a sole-mate (all puns intended) in you. Your story seems very close to mine. Even the tendonitis. I also have been noticing that the pain in my heal is not so much in the center or at the inner edge, but more on the outside edge of my heal and toward the back. When I mentioned that to the Ortho, he said that is not PF. But I have read somewhere that the pain could be on the outer edge, so who knows. I recently had a cortisone shot and felt good for a couple weeks. I even went out and bought two new pairs of shoes! I have been wearing the same shoes for over a year. But they are still sitting in the box because I'm afraid to wear them without the orthotics (they won't fit & I knew that when I bought them). But I think I am going to start wearing them next week. Maybe switch back and forth for a while. What the worse that could happen?? I've seen the worst, I can handle the rest. Thanks for your input. It helps to know what others are trying. I sure don't get much info or support from my docs. My GP told me my foot would never get any better. :( I've gotten more hope from reading this list for the past few weeks than I have had in the last 2 years. Thanks again.