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2 Days - You're Right - EXCEPT BIRKS-have worked 1 YEAR!

Posted by Diane R. on 8/15/98 at 09:46 (001321)

Tony, Before you give up on a job you want - have you tried Birks? They do make some full shoe styles and looking at the catalog I have I would suggest you try on some of them like the 'Tacoma', 'Nashville', 'Pasadena', 'Bodega', 'Memphis', 'Madera', 'Trent', 'Derby', or 'Ontario' ... these are all style names that are birks with a full shoe rather than a sandal. At home and for all things except work I would recommend you wear the Arizona (no back strap) sandal. I have had no PF pain for about a year now. Started wearing the birks full time in May '97 and was almost all pain free by August. I also now take the glucosamine and the calcium with magnesium - those things got me to the 100% pain free part. I AM ON MY FEET IN A PRINTING SHOP ALL DAY ON CONCRETE FLOORS - Yesterday I worked from 7:50 a.m to 7:33 p.m. which is typical most days during the week and then I go in on Sat. alot to do overtime. My PF flare (with heel spurs developed on both feet) was a 4 yr. nightmare. The last year I was in constant pain all day, at night and no relief with NSAID's or anything would help. I tryed everything including cortisone shot, and you are right - previous to the birks everything else only helped temporarily. If you decide to get them feel free to contact me and I can give you some tips to speed up your healing. Good Luck - Diane R.

Re: 2 Days - You're Right - EXCEPT BIRKS-have worked 1 YEAR!

Kathy on 8/19/98 at 19:37 (001376)

Sounds like you've had great luck with Birkenstocks. I've been unsure about them since I tried the Birkenstock arch supports. The arch supports gave me increased pain and was hot to the feet. I couldn't wait to take them off. $50 spent for 2-3 weeks of wear and they were already worn down on one side after such a short time of wear. I'm leary about investing any additional money in a Birkenstock product. I am happy you were helped.