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Posted by Diane R. on 8/15/98 at 10:10 (001323)

I see again, so many posts from people I can identify with, who are in pain. I have been there and still remember it well -- guess that's why I keep checking this site periodically.

I have been pain free about 1 yr. now thanks to Birkenstock (Arizona style) shoes. With all the info from all the different people posting to this site about how much they have been helped by these shoes, I wish more people would really give them a try.

I know from experience that if you wear 100% for 3 mths. birks will get you the most improvement you have ever seen and if you take the glucosamine and calicium/mag. while you do this for the 3 mths. you, too, can get to pain free. Good luck to everyone!